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I'm just not good at being a knitting blogger. There are a ton of inspiring and creative knitters out there who keep the bloglines interesting. Me, I get my pleasure out of the knitting, and then the wearing (or gifting) of my creation. I'm pretty psyched to realize that I now have an overflowing bin full of pretty sweaters and skirts that were hand-knit by me that I love to wear. And wearing them is the only way I get to show them off because I don't take enough photos of them.

Well, as it turns out, I take horrid self-portraits, which is part of the holdup. I like some of my hand-held, self-absorbed, look-at-me MySpace-esque self-portraits because I can usually get a flattering angle. However, they don't show off the knitwear very well. When I set the camera on a tripod, I end up with unflattering, cranky-looking shots that make me feel ugly. So I will just use my darling dressmaker dummy as a model from now on, because it works for me.

My most recent finished object, finished last week. This is the "Back to School U-Neck Vest" from one of my favorite designers/books, Stefanie Japel's "Fitted Knits." I've knit 4 of the patterns from this book so far, and 5 from Stefanie. Malabrigo worsted in Velvet Grapes.

Two-Tone Shrug, also from "Fitted Knits," in Cascade 220 Moss-green and a heather for the contrast.

Indigo Ripples skirt by Kat Coyle - Rowan Denim in Nashville. I love this skirt so much and have worn it probably 8 times already. It's a denim skirt but with some lacy/ruffle-y stuff that makes me feel pretty when I wear it.

Buster baby cardigan from a Rowan book, using some KnitPicks wool (combo of superwash & regular wool). This is for Charlie & Tomoko's baby-to-be, Charles Stellmon VI :) It was fun to knit and I am going to make some simple booties in the same colors to match.
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