Apr. 30th, 2008

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I found a new easy knitting project that I can pick up any time I don't feel like working on one of my more complicated pieces, and it's so totally practical! Like many people I bought into the Swiffer deal, but have come to think it's pretty wasteful; not only do you have to keep buying new Swiffer cloths but they aren't really very environmentally friendly when you throw them away. I stopped buying the cloths and have wrapped old dish towels on the mop, with limited success. But here, I present knitted, reusable Swiffer covers! They're quick & easy to make, and can be made with super-cheap cotton yarn (I used up some leftover Lily Peaches 'n' Cream). The seed-stitch pad is cushy and can actually scrub the floor, and they're reversible. I started with a pattern I found on Ravelry that included "bobbles" to hold the things on but after the first two I figured that wasn't necessary so I streamlined things and found something that works great!

I need to write more & post photos from last weekend with my folks but America's Next Top Model is on in a few, so maybe later :) In the short term, here's a picture of my beautiful old dog, Charis, hanging out on the beach last Friday:

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